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    Research Options for Automatically Enabling and Disabling  Schedules

    Aims Cha

      Hello everyone,

      Please below find my requirement and i am desperate to get the solution for these.

      If anyone having a solution then please let me know with description .

      I really appreciate..


      The schedules below run daily and trigger extract refreshes for reports across several Tableau sites. All of the schedules that run at 5:00 AM and later contain extracts that hit the data mart. If the data mart hasn't been updated by 5:00 AM, these extracts fail and have to be manually re-run later in the day.


      Research options for automatically enabling these extracts when the data mart completes and disabling them after they have run. Ideally, the entire schedule should be dynamically adjusted based on the time that the data mart completes. For example, if the data mart finishes at 3:00 AM, the 5:00 AM schedule can run at 4:00 AM and the remainder of the schedules can run an hour earlier. If the data mart finishes at 5:00 AM, the 5:00 AM schedule can run at 6:00 AM and the remainder of the schedules can run an hour later.


      If the schedules can't be dynamically updated, then all schedules from 5:00 and after should be disabled if the data mart hasn't updated by 4:00 AM and they can be manually triggered later in the morning.



      Daily @ 01:30 AM



      Daily @ 02:00 AM



      Daily @ 02:30 AM



      Daily @ 03:00 AM



      Daily @ 03:30 AM



      Daily @ 04:00 AM



      Daily @ 04:30 AM



      Daily @ 05:00 AM



      Daily @ 06:30 AM



      Daily @ 07:00 AM



      Daily @ 07:30 AM



      Daily @ 08:00 AM



      Daily @ 09:00 AM



      Daily @ 10:00 AM



      Daily @ 12:00 PM