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    Highlight and Filter not working as I thought they would

    Jonathan Ribeiro

      So I have a pretty basic viz I've been making (I'm very new to tableau) and I have 2 fields which I want to sort the data in my charts by- 1 called heroes and 1 called movies. If I apply the filter action on both of these they work as intended filtering out the data on the charts which is irrelevant. However, when I try to apply the highlight action on both of these, it only works as intended for movies and not for heroes.to this as


      What is confusing me is that from my point of view highlight is just making the same selection as filter so I'm not sure why one would work and the other wouldn't in my case.


      (Just to be clear I am not trying to highlight and filter the results at the same time- I previously had the filter action applied but after being informed about the highlight action I changed it  to this as it works far better to get information from the charts)


      Thanks for the help


      This (https://public.tableau.com/profile/jonathan.ribeiro#!/vizhome/MarvelDashboardwithsorting/Dashboard2?publish=yes) is my viz so far- I'm still working on the colours!