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    Sum & Percent of Total

    Heather Bennett

      I'm trying to calculate percent of total based on the sum of the grand total instead of whatever calculation is automatic for grand total. This works in one of my sheets where the automatic and the sum appear to be the same. (See figures 1a and 1b in the attached workbook.)


      But I'm stumped as to how to configure a formula that will allow me to do this when the sum and automatic are different. (See 2a for automatic total, 2b for sum total, 2c for percentages - these appear to be based on automatic.)


      I'd be very grateful for direction to a forum that already answers this question or assistance working out the correct formula.

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          Joe Oppelt

          I don't know enough about the data to explain what's happening there, but you can see that the SUM value is correct. 


          I noticed that you did not include the two dimensions from the sheet into the FIXED calc.


          I did:


          { FIXED ([ID]),([Date]),([User Screen Name]),([Text]),[Hashtag],[Context]:MIN([ID])}


          Now the two treatments are identical.

          You need to assess why you are omitting those dimensions from the calc if you are partitioning by them in the sheet.

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            Heather Bennett

            Thanks so much for the rapid and helpful reply! I omitted the dimensions previously because...I'm still figuring all of this out But it looks like that was the fix required.