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    Custom Geo-coding says invalid rows. <Tableau Desktop 10.4.0> Worked perfectly in older versions

    Abhinav Trigunayat



      I have used Custom Geo-coding before. I know the format a geo-coded file should be in.


      Recently, I tried to import a geo-coded file (Map--> Geocoding --> Import Custom Geocoding)


      and it gave a warning which says that my file has invalid rows. Same file worked few months back.

      All the rows in the geocoded csv file get kicked out as invalid rows.


      Still trying to figure out what am I doing wrong. I followed the instructions which Tableau help provides. Same steps have worked successfully before on the same file few months back.



      The attachment has:-->


      Two geocoded files

      - Geocode1 --> adding a new geographic role

      - Geocode2 --> Extending ZIP code to add new ZIP Codes.


      Sample.twbx which uses Data and tries to import Geocode1 or Geocode2 by going to Map--> Geocoding --> Import Custom Geocoding


      Data used in Sample.twbx


      Logs when the error occurred.

      Screenshot of the error.


      Software used: Tableau Desktop 10.4.0