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    Displaying the top x from 1 column?

    Kerry Evert



      I have a list of over 100 items, split over 4 days (say for example, sales by day for each item) only the previous 4 days. So I have a long table with 5 columns and the data is sorted by the most recent date:



      Item 1034162834
      Item 2331322726
      Item 7329441522
      Item 1424391012
      Item 852325715
      Item 612116020
      Item 97191308
      Item 10119984
      Item 915251736


      But I have over 100 items and I want tableau to show me the top 7 from today, along with their numbers for the previous days.


      How do I limit what is going into the table? I.e only show the top 7 from today, regardless of what items they are.


      Does that make sense?

      Please help!