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    Columns that regroup  1 and part of 2

    laura delaminne

      Hi all,


      I'm new in Tableau and i have a question.


      Here is the context.


      I have 2 columns "category" and "subcategory".

      Sometimes "subcategoy" has 'NULL' data.

      So i would like to create a third columns "X" that's show me the Subcategories data but when is NULL i would like to have the category corresponding to it.


      For example :


      Category     Subcategory       3

      Women       Tshirt                 Tshirt

      Men             Trouser          Trouser

      Tshirts          Null               Tshirst

      Baby            shirt               shirt

      Candel         Null               Candel



      Thanks a lot for your help !!!