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    Sheet Swapping by number of filtered items

    Leonard Boes

      Hello Community,
      I have already read many threads about sheet swapping but could yet not find a solution for my specific problem: based on the number of filtered items, I want to display differently styled sheets in my dashboard.


      In my Dashboard, I have a filter with which the user can select among companies whose data is to be displayed with one chart for each company. Depending on the number of chosen companies, I either want to present my charts underneath each other (like in the first picture) or next to each other (like in the second picture).  



      My idea is to use a calculated field to count the number of items that were selected in the filter. Therefore I use the following code:


      IF COUNTD([Filter]) = 1 THEN 'one'

      ELSEIF COUNTD([Filter]) = 2 THEN 'two'

      ELSEIF COUNTD([Filter]) = 3 THEN 'three'

      ELSEIF COUNTD([Filter]) = 4 THEN 'four'

      ELSEIF COUNTD([Filter]) = 5 THEN 'five'




      But I have no idea how to go on from this point. Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help