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    Create Range of Days using Date field

    Jesse Narang

      Hello, Tableau community,


      I have a simple table that looks like below:



      I have selected 2 months in the date filter - November and December.

      I am trying to create calculated fields that will show me the revenue breakdown at different time intervals i.e I want the table to look like below:



      I will be using different month intervals going forward i.e next month I will choose December and Jan, following month I will select Jan and Feb and so on therefore I want the calculated fields to show revenue in the same structure as displayed in the image above which is same time intervals like 1-7 days, 8-14 days, 15-21 days, 22-28 days and then full month revenue but for different months.


      Is there any way possible to do this?


      I have attached my workbook also