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    Question about Tableau Online Timezone

    Ryan Ooi

      Hi. Need some help here.


      1. Our local timezone is UTC+8

      2. We store our data in UTC timezone.

      3. For reporting purpose (not in Tableau), we add 8 hours for all the queries output.

      4. For tableau, we ran Custom SQL to extract and publish data source to Tableau Online. With same query, we found that the data doesn't match what we have locally.



      1. In what timezone Tableau Online store and present? Will it use and auto convert the time user set under Account settings -> Subscription timezone?

      2. What is the correct timezone we should use to extract and publish to Tableau?




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          Chris McClellan

          If your data is in UTC and you add the timezone offset, then it will work exactly like that.


          So ...


          1) I think there's a few different Tableau Online instances, but the one I've used the most is in US Pacific Time.  When choosing subscription settings we just use the local timezone though (GMT+10 or 11 for DST) and it works as expected.


          2) If you're extracting to Tableau Online it should be an exact copy of your database at the time the extract was done. This means that you could have outdated data pretty quickly if you're updating the database all the time.


          The only problem I've found with Tableau Online and timezones is that when you check when the extract was refreshed it will show in US PST time, not in your local timezone.

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