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    Tableau Server Cannot Connect to SQL Server

    Matthew Risley

      Hey community,


      I'm working with a new group on their Tableau Server and I can't figure out this puzzle:


      I can connect to the needed SQL Server/Database just fine on Desktop using the below:

        connect with no Errors and can select and use in Desktop:


      I then publish my needed workbook with a Live Connection to our Server.


      It publishes to Server without error. But when I try to view this on Server I receive this error when viewing from Tableau Server


      I also cannot Publish this as a data source or set up a Refresh Extract.




      There is a User in the Active Directory called "Tableau Admin". It seems like this "person" is the one making the database call? The permissions on the Database [...Reporting] does not allow this person, "Tableau Admin" to connect.


      However, I personally can connect on Desktop. I am not the User "Tableau Admin". However I am a Server Administrator


      (I can view the sheet if I create an extract in Desktop and embed the extract on Server)


      The DBA here does not want to give the user in the Active Directory, "Tableau Admin", access  to this database because other Tableau Admins/People with this login info can enter this Database (Highly sensitive data).


      Have any of you ever seen this? Is this "Person", Tableau Admin, the one making the call to the Database in the end?


      How should I go about solving this error?