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    Counting Cells multiple times

    Jason Woodward

      I built a table using data from 3 spreadsheets in an isolated data source, and it works.  I then created the same table using the same 3 spreadsheets, but because I want the Dashboard to have a common filter, I had to link one of the tables to the rest of the data I was using.  The way I had to link it has created duplicate lines in the original spreadsheets, and totals that should be around 2,000 are in the 6 million range.  Is it possible to have it ignore the duplicate lines?  I cannot post the file because it includes most of our company's financial info.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Jason,


          Without seeing any data, or a packaged workbook, it's difficult to give you an exact answer. However you should be able to create your SUM/Total Calculations are FIXED LoDs, and then they will be returned at the level of the FIXED LoDs.


          For example if your required data grain was Customer, and you have multiple rows for each customer, you could do something like this


          [Customer Sales Multiple Rows Handled]

          {FIXED [Customer]: MIN([Sales])}


          in the attached I've used this data


          and with the LoD you can see it returns the "right" result


          hope that helps

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