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    Summary Mismatch

    Lakshmi P

      Hi All,


      As per attached twbx,


      The summary TOTAL PRICE i am calculating by adding Region disc+Customer disc+Volume dis


      So in this scenario TOTAL PRICE should show 1.44M but it is showing 4.33M,


      Can anyone help me here to solve this



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          Donna Coles

          Hi Lakshmi


          Thank you for attaching the packaged workbook.


          The Total value being reported in 7.2 million and looking at the 3 values individually there is only data in the Cust Disc measure which totals the 7.2 million....


          When I add Waterfall dimension into the view I see why, and can now see the 1.4 million value you're referring to.

          As you can see above, the issue you have is that the Cust Disc value is repeated across each of the values in your 'Waterfall' dimension, which I guess is what you don't want/expect, but this will be down to how the data you're connecting to is shaped.


          Either change the data so you only have the values where you expect (eg Waterfall value of Cust DIsc has a Cust Disc measure of 1.44 whereas Waterfall Value of Region Disc has a Cust Disc measure of 0 or you'll need to create dedicated calc fields to do this eg

          Your total then becomes


          When arranged in tabular form you get this


          Hope that helps

          Workbook attached in v10.1



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            Lakshmi P

            Hi Donna,


            But with this workaround , i am unable to show the summary for Total disc



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              Lakshmi P

              Hi Donna,


              Wit ur work around i have added some other calculated field , its wrking as expected

              Thanks for detailed explanation