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    Viewing published workbooks by non-Tableau users

    Jeff Bryant

      We have a fairly straightforward Tableau Server (10400.17.1103.1137) setup within our company however we have only a limited number of tableau licenses (5). 

      The server is setup to utilize Active Directory for the user management.


      When publishing workbooks is it possible to have a non-tableau user view the workbooks (view only), w/o having to provide tableau credentials? 


      When attempting to view a workbook as a user configured within tableau everything works fine but when a user not defined in tableau attempts to view the same workbook, either from the embed or email options, they are prompted for a user id / password. 


      Since this is a AD managed site, the guest account is not available under Users.


      Is there some other way that I can grant guest access while continuing to utilize AD?


      Thanks in advance.