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    How to get last 3values and First 3 values from a measure

    sai lakshmi

      Hi All,


      I would like get

      i) last 3 values of a measure and

      ii) first 3 values without the help of any other columns.


      Kindly provide your suggestions or solutions to achieve this.




      To say more clearly, in the workbook I have attached there is only one column named sales which consists of 24rows.But I want to display the sum or avg of firs three values 732,262 and 732.



      Likewise I would like to get the sum of last 3 values 23,19,60.




      Have attached a twbx for that.I haven't tried since I did not have a clue on how to achieve this.


      Thanks for helping!


      Thanks & Regards

      sai lakshmi