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    Assign a single value by a Unique ID

    Patrick Brooks

      Hi all,


      I've been trying to overcome an issue I'm having in assigning a single value to an individual based on a unique ID.


      A little about the data. Every year, we take a "snapshot" of our database in order to determine our student enrollment. Therefore, each student may have several rows of data depending on how many years they've been enrolled.


      We do a lot of year-over-year comparisons about race/ethnicity with these yearly snapshots, but one issue we have is that student race/ethnicity can change year to year as they update their race/ethnicity in their student profiles.


      I've attached a workbook showing a little of my problem. Basically, I'm trying to tell tableau to take the most recent race/ethnicity value available and assign it to that person's Unique ID.


      I know I could say if [ID]=1 then "Race/ethnicity", but the project I'm working on has anywhere from 1 to 2k students each year, and I've found doing this calculation chokes my computer.




      Any help greatly appreciated!