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    Number of issue IDs opened and open by month

    Holly h

      Attached is a sample data. What I want to achieve in Tableau is showing in one line graph the following:


      1. number of issues that were opened in each month (newly opened)

      2. number of issues that were in "open" status as of each month (eg. if as of 10/2017 there were 20 issues in "open" status. In 11/2017, 2 were opened and 5 were closed. Then as of 11/2017, 20+2-5=17 were in "Open" status


      To further explain it, if there were 25 newly opened in Jan, then the total in "open" status would be 50 in Feb.


      I'm new to Tableau, I only can graph #1 (see attached) and for #2, I think I need to use some calculated fields to count how many are in "open" and "closed" then do the math in Tableau. And finally somehow combine with #1?