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    Detail property in Marks card broke line graph

    Kha Thantron

      I have 2 datasets, one shows the turnover amount monthly and the other shows population yearly. The two are joined by YEAR(Date), and State (but in this case, I filtered all other states to simplify). There's also a calculated field called Sales per Capita, which is the result of turnover divided by population. It's supposed to be a simple graph, but I don't understand why the graph is broken this way. It breaks at Dec and Jan of any pair of 2 consecutive years.


      If I pull YEAR(Date) out of the Detail property in the Marks card, the population returns the sum of all the years, which will give the wrong results for the calculation. How do I achieve a smooth, continuous line graph with the level of detail in year for the population? I already selected Continuous for all the measures used on graph.


      I'm very new to Tableau, so I really appreciate any help to explain this behavior. I'm on Tableau Public 10.4.


      Thank you so much