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    Netezza data source not using Server Run As Account for data refresh

    Sreenath Jampani

      When I try to publish workbook or a data source using Netezza tables, I cannot see the Authentication type as "Server Run As account" option.  I only see 2 options "Allow Refresh Access" and "refresh not enabled" , which will use publisher credentials. It is not the case with SQL Server.  SQL Server shows the Authentication type as "Server Run As account".

      The only difference I found is while connecting to SQL Server, I selected "Use Windows Authentication" method and no need to enter credentials. But in Netezza, we don't have this option and we should enter credentials to connect to the database.


      Does it have something to do with Netezza and Windows authentication not working together? How do we make sure Tableau Server uses Run As account to refresh the published workbooks/data sources?