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    Publishing and change updates for workbook in Tableau Online

    Manail Pasha

      I am working on an internal reporting dashboard project . There are majorly 3 roles/level to internal reporting dashboard like higher management, project management etc.

      And the breakdown of information for every role/level is different as compare to other roles.


      For internal reporting dashboard we have to create a database ( lets say D - SQL SERVER) whose data will be coming from 3 databases ( Lets say A,B,C) after integrating them.


      For now as per my research, we can directly link database D using Tableau Live Connection in Tableau Desktop ( Professional ed) and use it to create a dashboard.

      To host that workbook for users, I can use Tableau Online  for publishing and to make data visible according to the roles I can use filters to restrict the data.


      Now my questions are:

      1. Will this workflow will be right ? Am I missing any step or process that I would need to cater.

      2. How will the changes reflect in the dashboard once it is published ? Lets say if I have to add any filter/ parameter in the dashboard. Do I need to make the changes on the workbook using Tableau Desktop and automatically changes will be reflected ?

      or do I have to host it again on Tableau Online ? Please educate me on this  too.


      Thanks for assistance I have attached a purposed workflow image too.


      Manail Pasha


      tableau - 1.PNG