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    Client ID and API Token

    Arthur Tsao

      Hi all,


      I have set up a Web Data Connector. I do not have much coding experience, so I am using the format for the earthquake JS and html.


      I have a site that has a certain set of directions to pull data, but because of my lack of experience, I don't really know what it means: HappyOrNot


      Essentially, I have a client ID and an API token that I'm pretty sure I need to somehow incorporate into the code, I just have no idea how. Any sample code out there?


      Also, the API URL they provide doesn't work for me, so any help would be appreciated.





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          Birgit Hansen

          Hi Arthur,


          Though I don't have any code to share, I can point you to a resource you might find helpful. Check out Tableau on GitHub, Tableau · GitHub  Here you will find examples of extending Tableau through its API in several coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, C#, C++ and HTML. It is also a good way to connect with other developers.


          Also, there is an active group here on the Tableau Community forum interested in the Tableau API and the opportunities it offers.

          JavaScript API   This may be the most likely place to find someone who has Java Script code they are willing to share.


          Good luck and cheers, -Birgit