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    Waterfall Chart

    Lakshmi P

      Hi Team,

      I have the following requirement to create a waterfall chart.Attached is the twbx for the same.

      I have used the LOD -INCLUDE [Global Account Group],[Tier 4],[Item Number]   to calculate the below fields

      Year1 GTPNumber ASP

      Year0 GTPNumber ASP

      OPI $


      Based on this,we are getting the expected results for these fields.


      I am creating waterfall chart with 3 categories  -Product Matching,Product Not Matching and Outlier.

      The logic for them are:


      Product Matching: Baseline Order Amount !=0,Current Order Amount !=0 and OPI $ !=0 and

                                    OPI % between -50 and 150

      Product Not Matching: Baseline Order Amount=0,Current Order Amount =0 and OPI $ =0

      Outlier:  OPI % < -50 or OPI %> 150.


      Issue faced:  I am unable to create the waterfall chart using INCLUDE though the output is the expected as per tabular format.

                           If I use the FIXED instead,the data keeps varying and does not match my expected tabular format output.


      Please suggest a workaround.