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    We are looking for an experienced Tableau Developer for analytics company SHALEPROFILE - Rotterdam / Amsterdam

    Jonathan Zwaan

      We're looking to hire a critical member of our founding team, to help deliver an exciting visual analytics tool to be deployed in the Shale oil & gas industry.


      You will be responsible for the technical development of our customer facing shale analytics solution based on Tableau. You will be working alongside the founder who has written the backbone of the tool (shaleprofile.com) and the sales & marketing manager / investor of the company. You will be offered a competitive package and founder share options. A great fit with the team will be critical. Ambition and full commitment to be part of building a great software company is a must. Startup mentality, not 9 to 5.


      Next to the right startup spirit, the ideal candidate has a lot of experience building excellent Tableau dashboards and has great overall design sense. We will be working with a small user group that will have a strong steer in the development of the tool, hence working well with customers and taking in feedback in a fun and inspiring way is crucial.


      Job Requirements

      1. Strong background and interest in data analytics.
      2. Several years working experience with Tableau Desktop.
      3. Highly motivated and driven to achieve results and a great customer satisfaction
      4. Strong communicative skills, especially in an environment of top professionals
      5. Academic level in computer science, artificial intelligence, or similar
      6. Experience with object-oriented modeling (UML), 3GLs (Java, C++, C#, Delphi) or 4GLs (Python, etc.)
      7. Knowledge about designing friendly and responsive user interfaces
      8. Experience with statistical packages such as R.
      9. Sound judgment in software technology and databases (ODBC, SQL Server)
      10. Energetic and flexible personality who can get work done
      11. Excellent English speaking and writing capabilities


      Company Profile
      ShaleProfile is a privately held startup that has secured long-term funding in order to develop the best analytics solution for the shale oil & gas industry. The founder and investors have decades of experience in developing advanced information systems, with a thorough understanding of the oil & gas industry. We are currently evaluating office locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Very good access by public transport, and a great working atmosphere are key criteria.