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    How to filter on one column/measure only

    Emily Koch

      Hi-- I've mocked up the issue with a simplified data set. In the attached workbook, each pane represents one location, with installed talent, population target, and population target by business area. And I have a filter by Manager.


      I'm looking for the Manager filter to apply only to the 'Population by Business' measure. The intent is to have a dashboard where I show what is relevant to each manager while still providing the overall context-- i.e., I don't want the rest of the data to disappear even though it may not apply to a given manager. I would just want the column for 'Population by Business' to go to zero.


      I think I could literally add each manager to all locations with 'Population by Business' = 0, but that's going to get very difficult and very manual with the actual data set. I was hoping there is a way to use parameter or something else to get the desired behavior.


      Any help is appreciated!