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    Data Integrity with 10.4.1 & SharePoint Lists

    Randy Agerton

      I have a SharePoint site that we use to order and track shipments of uniforms for staff. Connecting is not an issue, I am able to successfully connect to the list, compile the extract, and build a view, but the data does not match what is in SharePoint. For example, in SharePoint a specific ID# is showing TRUE for Field Order_Complete. In Tableau that ID# is showing FALSE. I export the data from Tableau to CSV and the record is FALSE there also. BUT if I export from SharePoint to Excel the data is correct.


      I read where the default view for the SharePoint list has to include all records, I ensured that... but I am at a loss here. I just want to stop having to refresh Excel files every other day to maintain a dashboard... <sigh>


      I appreciate any and all possible input.