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    Issue when Multiple Actions Applied


      I have attached a dashboard which has data representing how people traveling to a convention are assigned to different groups and trains and how much they paid for their ticket.


      I am facing an issue when I apply 2 actions at the same time and then deselect just one of them. In the attached file, click the blue slice of the Train pie chart then click on the orange part of the resulting Ticket Cost bar that appears.  Then deselect just the orange bar.  Notice that the blue slice of the Train chart is still selecting but the Person Cnt box shows 30, which is the value with no filter at all applied. This is not correct as the blue slice of the Train chart represents 5 people, so the Cnt box should display 5. This issue does not happen when the blue slice is initially selected; it only occurs when you select that and a part of the bar chart and then deselect just the bar chart.