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    How Do I Calculate Grand Totals From Different Worksheets?


      Hi All,


      I am new to Tableau and am running into a problem with calculating between worksheets when working with multiple connectors. Basically, I have one CSV with data on how productive our employees are. I have another CSV with data on how productive they should have been. I want to divide those numbers so I can see what % each employee is. Currently, I'm downloading the information from Tableau back into Excel so I can make this calculation. Is there a way
      I can do this all in Tableau?


      Generic Example


      Worksheet 1 (from data set 1)


      Employee     Items Sold

      Adam                   5

      Bob                    10

      Charlie                1



      Worksheet 2 (from data set 2)


      Employee     Projected Sales

      Adam                    5

      Bob                       15

      Charlie                   10


      I want to be able to show that Adam reached his goal, Bob was 66% and Charlie was 10%.


      Thank you in advance!