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    Calculated fields when using Web Data Connector

    paolo ferri

      Hi there,


      I am new here so please be patient if I am not in the right place

      I created a viz in Tableau Desktop, using  some calculated fields. My data source is a txt file and everything works fine.


      Now I am doing it all over again, but using the WDC to fetch the data directly. I get to see the data correctly on my Tableau Desktop, but then I am unable to perform any kind of calculation.

      Well, actually, the only "calculation" that I am able to perform is to duplicate a column, by simply indicating a [field] in the calculated field editor.

      The error that I get is: "An error occurred while communicating with the data source - No such function + that takes arguments of type (real, int)". In this case I was trying to add 1 to a numeric field.


      Where do I go wrong? Can somebody help me?

      thanks a lot!