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    Map as filter filtering differently than filter menu

    Lotta Holm



      I'm quite new to Tableau and sometimes struggling to really understand whats going on. So I would appreciate any explanation that also helps me understand WHY Tableau (10.4.1 on Windows 7) is acting like this:


      I downloaded this week's Makeover Monday data and decided to plot a map of Singapore that visualised all the areas coloured by average accessibility index. This worked just fine. Then I wanted the user to be able to click an area and get a list of all the buildings in that area and their accessibility indeces. I built my map and worksheet with table separately, added them both to a dashboard.


      After playing around with the actions and filters I settled on filtering the table by "subzone" using the filter on both map and table or only on map produced a similar behaviour, so I just decided on leaving the filter on the sheet with the table. Then I made the action that uses the map in the dashboard as source and has both buildings and maps as target and "show all values" when clearing the selection.


      My problem:

      1) If you click on the map, the correct area is selected, shown in the list of areas to the left and then the table with the building specific accessibility information is updated - but only with the information of one building. Why?

      2) On the other hand, if you filter using the list of areas (check-box list), all buildings are shown in the table, but the map is still showing the area previously selected (by clicking on the map).


      How should this be fixed, and more importantly, why is Tableau showing this behaviour? I'd really like to know so that I could learn to avoid similar pitfalls in the future. Thank you very much in advance, and please find my workbook attached.


      Lotta Holm

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          see the attached - the action you passed sent "All Fields" from the Map to the list - you sent both the Subzone and level of accessability

          to the Building list

          You wanted to send only the Subzone - to do that edit the action filter

          Go to the top ribbon and select Dashboard then Actions

          When the box opens select the filter and Edit


          1 select "Selected Fields"

          2 Add Filter

          3 there will be 2 areas in the box that opens- in the first - from the drop down select Subzones-

          It will auto load the second dropdown with the same field - if that is what you want (and it is) leave it as it is ans select OK




          it will return this




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            Lotta Holm

            Thanks Jim Dehner for the help! This way I got the selection via the map to work as excpected! Can you explain WHY I need to specify the selected fields instead of using "All fields"? That would help me unveil some of the Tableau mysteries


            And if anyone can help me with getting the list to work (selecting one area from the list marks the proper area on the map and changes the table) I would be extremely happy


            - Lotta