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    Connecting ACL to Tableau

    Nina Royce

      Hi All,


      ACL posted instructions how to connect to Tableau. Did anyone try this? I for some reason cannot get through the very first few steps.



      Connecting to ACL from a third-party reporting application


      1. 1. In the Tableau Connect panel, under To a Server
      2. 2. Click Other Databases (ODBC).
      3. 3. In the Other Databases (ODBC) dialog box, select DSN, and in the DSN dropdown list select one of the following:
      • To use a pre-existing data connection to an ACL project, select the name of the connection, and click Connect.
      • To create a data connection to an ACL project on the fly, select ACL ODBC or ACL ODBC 64 and click Connect.


      Further it says that

      • Tableau and Excel do not require that you create a data connection because they automatically create the connection for you.

      However, I cannot see option ACL ODBC or ACL ODBC 64 on the DSN drop down



      Can someone please help me to identify what I am missing? I have ACL 12 and Tableau 10.4


      Thank you-