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    How to quickly create/update Multiple Similar Worksheets

    Sumit Kumar Ghosh

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I am new to Tableau. I am assigned a task of creating Worksheets which are same by nature but the source of the data is coming from different columns. For example I need to see the distribution of 1. AX, AY and AZ in one worksheet and on another I need to see the parameters 2. BX, BY and BZ 3. CX, CY and CZ and so on and so forth. These parameters are independent of each other so it is better in independent worksheets.


      Now the challenge I am facing is

      1. Creating the worksheets is like a manual process. Drag-Drop, Show Filter, Edit Filter type/Customize, Organize them in proper order.

      2. Changing one worksheet implies I need to change all the worksheets manually. Right now I already have around 10 worksheets another 20 of them needs to be done.


      What is the better way to do this?