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    Karim ZAKI

      Hi everybody,


      I wish to calcul a sum of a column "(montant kwh cumac)" if many conditions are correct. These conditions are :

      Column (résultat CEE) = "oui" OR "peut-être"

      Column (montant kwh cumac classique) = empty or "0" AND Column (montant kwh cumac précarité) = empty or "0"

      Column (Type de précarité)="aucune" OR empty


      The calculated field that i used is the following :

      IF [Résultat CEE 2017]="oui" OR [Résultat CEE 2017]="peut-être" AND  ISNULL([Montant (kWh cumac) classique]) AND ISNULL([Montant (kWh cumac) précarité]) AND [Type de précarité]="aucune" THEN [Montant (kWh cumac)] END


      The result of this calculation is not correct. I believe that ISNULL does not count the blank cells


      Can you please help me find the correct formula ?


      Many thanks