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    Get data from API in Tableau

    anil saini

      Hi Guys,


      I have an api which is currently fetching some data from my database and integrated in one of our web portal.


      Let me give you some context of that api

      API URL:- http://myapiurl.com/myapi/appLaunch/init

      Method: POST


           tokenid: tQUqJZaOcWBPqivdSmJvFeL3


      Body parameters(json): ( "appversion":"2"}


      when i hit this api in postman it will give me response in json



          "code": 1,

          "desc": "Success",

          "payload": {


                      "concernPerson": "ABC",

                      "email": "abc@def.com",

                      "mobile": "+919999999999",

                      "address": "new delhi"







      Now i want to hit this API from tableau, read JSON output which is in payload.



      Can anyone helps me with this.


      NOTE: this API will give output only when header and parameter are there with it.


      Thanks in advance