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    Get data from Rest API in Tableau

    anil saini

      Hi Guys,


      I have an api which is currently fetching some data from my database and integrated in one of our web portal.

      NOTE:- this is a sample API, will not work in postman as i changes them due to organisation security purpose


      Let me give you some context of that api

      API URL:- http://myapiurl.com/myapi/appLaunch/init

      Method: POST


           tokenid: tQUqJZaOcWBPqivdSmJvFeL3


      Body parameters(json): ( "appversion":"2"}


      when i hit this api in postman it will give me response in json



          "code": 1,

          "desc": "Success",

          "payload": {


                      "concernPerson": "ABC",

                      "email": "abc@def.com",

                      "mobile": "+919999999999",

                      "address": "new delhi"







      Now i want to hit this API from tableau, read JSON output which is in payload.



      Can anyone helps me with this.


      NOTE: this API will give output only when header and parameter are there with it.


      Thanks in advance