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    Guest Access Not Working

    Lucy Cook



      I am server admin on Tableau Server 10.4 (core), we have 2 sites. The set-up we have had for some time is that Guest Access is enabled at the server level, and enabled on our Pre-Production site, but nor Production. This seems to work okay, I can see the 'Guest' as a user in the full user list on Pre-Production and can add it to permissions on projects/workbooks on the site.


      The issue is that we now want to enable Guest access on the Production site, and so I have clicked Guest Access Enabled on the Settings tab on the Production Site and saved it. The Guest user still doesn't appear in the user list and is not available when adding permissions to a project.


      Can anyone help as to why this would be?


      We have recently upgrade Tableau Server to 10.4. from 10.1, not sure if that makes any difference.