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    Table Calc different in line graph than crosstab

    Matthew Theis

      Hello All,


      I'm having a problem with Ranking.  Attached you'll find a .twbx that has a Dual Axis Trend graph that I want to put a filter on for the top 5 hospitals.  I use a Fixed LOD looking at total weight over time for each hospital.  Then rank according to this overall sum.  When I duplicate into a crosstab, I can get the ranking to work as I intend.  That doesn't translate over to the line graph though.  In the bottom right hand corner, there is a datapoint that doesn't exist on the cross tabs.  I've tried ZN on the current score calc, but that didn't seem to do it.  I've configured the ranking calcs (nested) to be identical to those on the crosstabs.  I'm stuck, please help.  Two results would be acceptable, as CHRISTUS Schumpert Medical Center doesn't have a score in Q2 2018,(not sure why this is when using ZN(), it can either have a zero score or do nothing like its doing.  I would need the red down arrow (Willis-Knighton Pierremont Health Center) to disappear.  Thanks in advance!



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          Matthew Theis

          The specified item was not found. Rody Zakovich Ben Page  Adding a couple screenshots to illustrate my problem...Why does this datapoint exist?  It's rank is 6 in the crosstab.  I'm assuming because there is not a data point for Rank 5 in that time period.  It does exist in the crosstab .though.


          Here is a shot of the first crosstab (dual axis).  You'll see that that crazy Pierremont Health Center data point isn't there.


          Same story for the second cross tab.


          Please help me fix this issue!



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