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    Get Name when Availability is miniumum

    Kamal Tanwar



      I have a table where each person has a corresponding availability and belongs to a certain department. Now in my viz I'm averaging the availability by month and department.

      I want to write a function to display the name of the person with minimum and maximum availability in the tooltip.


      I'm not sure if this can be done with calculated field. Basically what I want is a WHERE clause

      Get Full_Name WITH min(Availability)




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          Zhouyi Zhang

          HI, Kamal


          try something like


          Sum({Fixed datetrunc('month',[date field]),[department], [name]: sum([availability])}) =  Max({Fixed datetrunc('month',[date field]),[department], [name]: sum([availability])}) then




          and the same for the minimum.


          If you could share a sample workbook with your make up data will be more helpful



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            Kamal Tanwar

            It did not work. The calculation is valid but when I put the field on tool-tip it doesn't show up any name )but of course there is a person with minimum availability). By the way I thought it could be much less shorter like this:


            IF AVG([Availability]) = MIN([Availability]) THEN

            MIN([Full Name])