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    Parameter behavior

    madhu reddy

      Parameter needs to get updated dates from column (date column)  as data is populated into table(data source for tableau)

      how can i achieve that?

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Madhu


          Tableau doesn't support this feature so far. You can either use the date column as filter or use the parameter as date/datetime but use all value.



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            madhu reddy

            Hi ZZ,


            Thanks for your reply.




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              madhu reddy

              Hi Experts,


              I need to calculate "current month", " previous month" and "same month previous year" based on a particular time view. The time view should be user selected date drop down. so when the user select any month from the "time view" drop down, it should considered as "current month".  Currently I am using two years of data and there might be chance to add more years of data later.

              So to achieve this, I should use all date calculations by using time view filter. I don't want to use time view as a parameter because parameter is not dynamic in tableau for this case.


              Please suggest any workaround for this case @Zhouyi Zhang.