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    Hierarchy filtering - graphing the next level down

    m b

      I have a bar graph based off of a dimension hierarchy (Area > Shop > Employee) and a revenue measure.

      I have separate filters for each of the 3 items in the hierarchy.

      The Area dimension is condensed so when the filters are all set to "All" I see the areas in the bar chart. However I want it show the Shops instead in the bar graph. Then if a specific Shop is filtered for I want to see the Employees in the bar chart (ie. the immediately below dimension).


      I believe this is similar to a cascading filter but  I haven't been able to find the right solution.


      Note: I did try IF size()=1 THEN ATTR([Shop]) END

      but this only does 1 level and doesn't dynamically change.. I don't think this is ultimately the correct approach.