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    From Email Error

    Hyrum Williams


      I'm getting the following error:

      I've tried several version of my email address in the "From Email" pill with and without the forward slash in front of all periods.

      I've also tried things like vizalerts@xxxxxx\.com , vizalerts@xxxx.com  without any luck. Is there a particular email address that I should be using as the From Email, such as "tableauadmind@xxxx.com


      Note: The row corresponds to the row number in the csv file that was attached to the email.

      Using Tableau Version 10.4

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          Matt Coles

          The "Value" listed above is what "from" email address your alert is trying to use. It must use an email address that matches the regex pattern set by your administrator, show in the rightmost column. That pattern is defined in the VizAlertsConfig workbook, which only the admin should have access to.


          Since it is redacted, I cannot see the actual regex pattern that is being used. if "xxxxx" and "xxxx" represent two versions of your domain names that your organization uses, then "vizalerts@xxxxx.com" and "vizalerts@xxxx.com" should both work, as they both seem to be set appropriately. The error you are showing us all above indicates that you are using "vizalerts@yourdomain.com", which will not match the pattern, because while the pattern has been adjusted for your own organization, the "email from" field values have not. You will need to edit that field in your viz so that it reflects one of your your organization's domain names that the regex patterns are set for.


          Does that make sense?

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            Hyrum Williams

            Yes, that does make sense (there are two versions of the domain name). I will get with the system administrator. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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              Matt Coles

              Ah, I think I understand the problem. Your admin has not set the smtp.address.from value in the \config\vizalerts.yaml file appropriately. When you tried to build an alert in which you did not specify the Email From address, it defaulted to what the config file has out of the box. Because your admin did set the values in the VizAlertsConfig workbook, they didn't agree with each other, and therefore threw the error that you received.


              So yes, contacting the admin is the right way to go. Alternatively, you can keep playing with your alert by using an Advanced Alert that uses the "Email From" field to override the default to whatever you want. But I wouldn't get into that unless you've read through the User Guide and feel you're ready to get into the Advanced Alert side of things.

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                Hyrum Williams

                Hi Matt,

                I just wanted to follow up and let you know that my alerts are working after the administrator set the values in the From address. I really appreciate the help!

                Thank you!

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                  Matt Coles

                  Thanks for the follow up, Hyrum, and glad to hear your problem is solved!

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                    Hyrum Williams

                    Hi Matt, I have one more question for you if you don't mind...My VizAlert is working now, but it only sends alerts for the product and test code that was selected when I uploaded the workbook to Tableau Server. Do you know what I need to do to get my VizAlert to work for all products and then for each test inside of each product?


                    This workbook is a statistical control chart, so I should be getting an alert when a test result is outside of the designated control limits. The limits are unique values for each product and each test element of the product. Also, the  control limits are coming from a separate database.


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                      Matt Coles

                      Let me make sure I understand...you have a viz that is a statistical control chart that helps you visually identify out-of-control points so that you can investigate. It has filters that allow the user to manually interact with the viz to check the same style chart, for different products. Now, not only do you wish to send an email alert for the product that the viz filter defaults to when it is out of control, but also every other product should they also be out of control. Is that right?


                      There are a few ways to get what you've after. One is to simply remove the filter(s), and show the chart for all products and tests. Potentially, you could add Product and Test to Rows and display all charts down the page that way--in fact, you'd probably have to, so you didn't end up averaging at the wrong level of detail. The consequence to this, of course, is that it may be a little less user-friendly to the humans who want to interact with the viz outside of an alerting context. You could always keep the filters and default them to All. That way, the VizAlert would see all the data, and if the user was interested in one product/test combination in particular, they could still use the filters for that purpose.


                      Another approach is to duplicate your sheet, strip the filters, add Product and Test to Rows, and set your alert on that. Then, in the Email Body field, you could embed an image of the particular product/test combination chart using a content reference that filters your existing viz to the desired filter values using URL parameters. And link the image in the same way so that when the user clicks it, they are taken to the very combo that they were after in the first place. What this would allow for is for your existing viz to look and function the same as it ever has, with the viz for the actual alerting logic being built specifically for that purpose. The disadvantage to this is that you now have to maintain two vizzes if the control logic changes. But it might keep the user experience a bit cleaner for your original viz.


                      Let me know if you have any questions about those two approaches.

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                        Hyrum Williams

                        Yes, that is what I am trying to do with this.


                        I ended up dragging the Product and Test fields down to rows as you suggested, which works great for generating the needed alerts. The new dashboard has a bit of a spreadsheet feel, so I included a link in my VizAlert leading back to the original, more aesthetically pleasing Viz.


                        You are a wizard! Thank you so much, Matt, for taking the time to help me with this.