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    OData Not Refreshing on Tableau Server

    Wes Reneau

      Hi Friends,


      I am having issues with OData failing to refresh on Tableau Server. Here is what I'm seeing in Desktop and Server, both of which are 10.0. Most of the content I've found on the forums is quite dated, so I'm hoping there are some new insights.


      Tableau Desktop:

      I am connecting to a data source using the OData connector in Tableau Desktop. The live and Data > SourceName > Extract > Refresh buttons are not available, however clicking Refresh (F5) will refresh the data. We verified that new data was flowing by modifying the OData query.


      Tableau Server:

      Once published, the data source was set to refresh on an hourly schedule. We manually clicked 'run now' and nothing changed. We also typed in dummy names and passwords and click Test Connection and it said it was successful, even though those credentials were obviously wrong.


      Here is the error we captured using the Status > Background Tasks for Extracts.


      Has anyone successfully published a workbook using OData to Tableau Server and had it successfully refresh on a recurring automated schedule?