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    Secondary Table Calculation using different value details

    Wolfgang Lukaschek

      Hi folks,


      I came across an interesting challenge and was wondering if any of you may have dealt with something like this.

      I have a table with values for each weekday (down) and hours of the day (across). Here's the task:

      (1) first, create a moving average of the 10 previous weekdays (excluding weekends, applied a filter): accomplished by using table calculation, moving average, previous 10

      (2) secondly - and here it gets interesting: average the first 3 of the previous 4 hours for a given hour, i.e. moving average created in (1) above for e.g. hour 10 of the day should now average the hours 6, 7 and 8 (and not 9) to compute the new averaged value.


      Basically, it's applying 2 moving average calculations, first down for previous 10, then across for previous 4 using only first 3.


      I'm thankful for any hints and ideas!