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    Swapping sheet along with respective filters

    saikumar punjala

      Hi Joe, As discussed,

      I am attaching a copy of the issue and starting a new thread.

      The attached report explains us about swapping sheets on a dashboard. I have requirement, from one data source i have to make a worksheet and from other data source i have make other sheet. Basically i have 3 different data sources i have to make different worksheets. The issue i am facing is, i have followed your steps of swapping a sheets on dashboard and it works absolutely good. Here, I am swapping sheets between 3 worksheets, where "sales" and "profit" are from sample store and "Region population" are from world indicators. The have different filters for their respective worksheets. For suppose, The filter "YEAR OF ORDER DATE" is for sales and profit and "YEAR OF YEAR" is for Region population. each year filter has different data in them. When i select Sales or profit worksheet, can I hide year filter for Region population. and when i select region population in swapping sheet then can i hide the filters assigned of sales and profit. This is the requirement i have from client. Can you please help me on this. Please let me know if you are looking for more information.



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          saikumar punjala

          Sure Joe. Take your time. Hope you got the information what you are looking for.

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            Joe Oppelt

            (V 10.2 here)


            FYI, What I am going to describe is all done in the video.


            First of all, I floated everything.  Here's a piece of the screen shot of the dashboard:


            Next I dragged a floating container into the dashboard.  (I put a red border so you can see where it is.  Here's a part of the screen shot:



            Next I dragged the three sheets into the container.


            I did all that in Dashboard 1.  The sheets swap all within the floating container.


            Dashboard 2 is a copy of Dashboard 1.  I continued my steps in Dashboard 2.


            I notice that you have one YEAR filter for sales and profits, and another for Region, so I'll swap those two filters as an example.

            First I made a sheet called "Pop out Region year filter.  I used the same parameter you are swapping with.  I display it when REGION is selected.  I sized it to be about as wide as the region year filter.  See screen shot:



            Next I added a horizontal container to the dashboard, and then I dragged the pop-out sheet and the filter into the container.


            See screen shot:



            That's how I left Dashboard 2.  Play with the parameter and see how the filter now moves back and forth as the parameter changes.


            Go to Dashboard 3.


              First I added a color to the sheet swapping container.  I selected white.  (Same color as the rest of the dashboard.  I want it to be opaque so that I can hide things behind it.



            Next I positioned the Year for Region container so that the right edge of the profit sheet ends at the border of the swapping sheet.






            Finally, I dragged the horizontal container for the pop-out so that it falls below the swapping container.



            Now when you change the parameter, the Region Year filter pushes out from behind the swapping container when you select region, and when the pop-out sheet collapses (when you select Sales, for example) then the Region filter moves behind the swapping container, out of sight.

            End of work on Dashboard 3.  Go to Dashboard 4.


            Here I dragged the Order Date Year filter to the exact spot where the Region Year filter displays when Region is selected.  The Order Date filter is below the pop-out container in floating order, so we don't see the Order filter unless Region is not selected.


            Play with the parameter to see how it looks on Dashboard 4.


            Now in Desktop you will find that if you click on the Order filter, nothing happens.  That's because the space that the pop-out container occupies is floating above the Order filter.  If you publish this to Server, users WILL be able to click in the Order filter, so if you are publishing this, you have a good enough solution already.


            If you are not publishing this to server, you can still do something else.  Go to Dashboard 5.  Here I extended the size of the pop-out container, and dragged the Order filter into it, behind the Region filter.  Play with the parameter.  See how it looks.  Go to Dashboard 6.


            Here I floated one more container that covers the Order filter when the Region filter is exposed.  (YEs, some of this stuff hangs off the boundary of the dashboard.  That's OK.  If this is published, the user won't see that.  If it's not published, you can resize things to make it all fit better.  I'm just concerned with showing you the techniques.

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              saikumar punjala

              Thanks for your time and consideration to help me Joe. This explanation with screenshots will definitely be helpful to me. Since everything is floating i would have to adjust the sizing at my end. Let me work on that. This answers my question.