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    How do I fine-tune the size of containers on a Dashboard in Tableau Desktop 10.4?

    Jennifer McCarthy

      I'm having a problem with sizing my containers on a Dashboard in Tableau Desktop version 10.4. I like to fine-tune them to precise heights/widths for consistency.  In previous editions, I could click the container and select "Edit Width/Height", however that method no longer appears in version 10.4. Instead, you use the Layout pane and adjust the size there, see screenshot below. However, the size fields are not active in the Layout pane after I select a container on a dashboard. Thus, I'm unable to change the values. I have the same problem regardless of container type, such as Blank, Text, Horizontal/Vertical, etc.  Though, I can adjust the border, background, and padding of each container within the Layout Pane.



      Am I missing a setting or something?


      P.S. I attached a screenshot of the exact version of Tableau Desktop I'm using.