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    Grouping of 'Distinct counts' calculated

    Ajay Yadav

      Hi all


      I have this access data of some database by some users. I need to calculate the following -

      Q 1. How many users have accessed 1-2 distinct databases, 3-5 distinct databases, 6-10 distinct databases, 10-15 distinct databases, 15-25 distinct databases, more than 25 distinct databases?

      Q 2. What is the average no. of distinct databases accessed by all the users?


      I have added one sheet (in the attached tableau 10.4 file), where I am able to count no. of distinct databases accessed by each users, but now I need to group them in various intervals as mentioned in Q 1 and then calculate an average no. of databases accessed by users as mentioned in Q 2.


      For clarity, following is the definition of different columns in the data -

      Access GrpName - Grouping of users (not required for above analysis)

      User ID - Different users

      Access date - Date on which a database is accessed by a user

      Access count - No. of times a database is accessed by a user on a particular date

      Access Database - Different databases


      Please help me in getting the above analysis done.