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    Data Source Config

    Jason Robbins



      So I have 4 data sources defined on Tableau Server whose data source is splunk and are configured to perform an incremental refresh daily.  The data columns/format is identical for each however each data set requires different queries in splunk hence the 4 data sources.  The data represents website usage with each of the 4 sources representing user activity but for 4 different features in the website. 


      SO....my goal is to merge/blend the data from these 4 sources to create a common report, effectively a union of the data.  I know i could accomplish this with files but given I have the data sources already defined and tied to splunk and the accompanying refresh (which seems to only support 1:1), I'm a bit stuck.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to blend/merge the data from 4 separate data sources or an alternative configuration that may work though still leverages the automated splunk refresh?