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    Displaying Average on aggregated level with dynamic date period

    Hampus Ny



      I'm having forecasts for a number of articles on day level, and planned stock level for each of those articles for each day in the period.

      In my graphs i visualize the planned stock as bars, and the forecast as a line. I have enabled a filter on articles, making me able to see all articles, or specific ones.

      In my column I have date which is adjustable (day, week, month, year) as seen below. The planned stock is based on average per period, which is performing the way I want to.


      My problem is when I aggregate several/all articles. Since I'm only taking the average of all articles, it just takes all articles in the selection of the day, and takes the average of them.

      I instead want the calculation to add all demand for every day, then take the average over the filtered period, as seen below.




      Average of the three articles:

      Day 1: (30+50+70)/3=  50

      Day 2:  (40+20+30)/3=  30

      Average for period: (50+30)/2=40


      This is not the way I want the calculation to be done. I want it to be done like below:


      Day 1: 30+50+70=150

      Day 2: 40+20+30=90

      Average for period: (150+90)/2=120


      Also, the calculation should only consider articles filtered.

      Is this something that is possible to do in Tableau?