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    Working with only Start and End Dates in Datasets

    Crystal Ng

      Hey all,


      In my dataset, I only have the start and end dates of the activities. Given that I cannot change the structure of the data, I'm just wondering if there is a way to achieve the result below:


      Dataset Example:

      A1 August 201731 August 2017
      B1 August 201730 September 2017
      C2 September 201720 October 2017
      D1 September 201730 November 2017



      To display activities that are active within month, for example, if I select September, it would display activity B, C & D; If I select October, if would display activity C & D.


      I've tried to write calculations and use 1 and 0 to indicate whether the activity falls in a particular month, but the issue is I have many months in my data across different years (and I may also look at weeks instead of months), which means I have write a calculation for every single period which is not the most efficient way, given that the every day new data comes in.



      Kind Regards,