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    Visualization of colored values concerning True/False

    Nicole Klisch

      Hey Tableau Community,


      i want to visualize the tracking of the delivery of suppliers.

      I want to automatize the evaluation. This is what i do now in excel. I count the total number of deliverys. Then i filter for the check in (false) to count the amount and then i filter the check out (false) to count the amount. Afterwards i put the numbers in the table.

      For example For Building 1 its 9 from 10 are wrong for check in and 10 of 10 for check out are wrong.


      I guess Tableau can be very helpful for this.


      First i filtered by the days (for one week) because we do it for each week.

      The check in & check outs are boolean. thats the reason why I counted the true and false of both (check in & check out) with Count(number of records).

      The total number of deliverys, i calculated with Total(SUM([Number of Records])) which also worked but unfortunately it changes when i change the filters of checked in/ checked out. I would like that the total delivery number is always the same for the week. (1st problem)

      The Count(number of records) gives me also a wrong output.

      It says for Buidling 1:

      Check in (True) & check out (false) = 1

      Check in (false) & check out (false) = 9


      Normally it should show me: Check out (false) = 10 and Check in (false) = 9. (please see pictures)


      For the percentage i used (Count([Number of Records])/([Total Delivery's])) and for the coloring

      If [percentage] < 75.00 then "red"

      ELSEIF [percentage] > 75.00 then "yellow"

      ELSEIF [percentage] = 100.00 then "green"



      And unfortunately it does not work. I cant find the failure. Maybe it does not work with Tableau??

      Could anybody help me out in this issue and explain to me what i do wrong?


      Thanks in advance!!

      Best regards