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    Formatting Total Bar Differently from Other Rows in Gain/Loss Chart


      Hey Tableau Users,


      I have a number of questions about the attached workbook (version 10.4) but the most important is that I'm trying to show the default total bar in the Gain/Loss Table (green tab in workbook) differently from the bars above it so that it will stand out clearly to show the net gain/loss. Ideally, the bars above would be two separate colors (corresponding with gain or loss) and the net gain/loss bar would be its own separate color. Does anyone know how this might be done?


      Some additional questions include:


      1. Is there a way to format specifically for the metric selected by the parameter? If square feet are selected, it's best displayed as a whole number while annual rent would be best displayed a currency when selected.


      2. Is there a way to collapse certain rows that are the same along a dimension so that they can be summarized as a total? For instance, when annual rent is selected '40 South Main Street' is broken out into 10+ lines on the Location dimension. Can this be collapsed and totaled to save space in the view?


      3. Also, is there away to filter the date so that it automatically compares the most current month with the previous month? Currently the month filter is a long drop down in which you always have to select two months to compare and show the difference. Defaulting this would make the report easier to understand for the end user.


      4. Finally, any additional formatting suggestions that might enhance the overall aesthetic would be welcome. I want to become better at formatting for visual effect and would value any suggestions that are made for the table or dashboard


      Any assistance with these questions would be very much appreciated.





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          Please see if the below could give some ideas:

          0. You can tell if it is a Total Row if the MIN(value)<>MAX(value).

              You can then add that Flag to the Color shelf along with loss/gain

          1. You can make a conditional statement to return only a $ when desired:

              IF [p.Choose Metric 2]="Annual Rent"  THEN "$"  END

               This can be placed in front of the [value] on the label

          2. Because of the splitting up by Agency, I'm not sure if there will be a way to collapse 40 South.

              You could try making Location-Agency a hierarchy, then you would have the ability to expand and collapse

              by using the +/- icon next to the top Location label.

          3. There might be a way to do it using:

              Filtering the View Without Filtering Underlying Data | Tableau Software

              Alternatively, you could use a parameter for the target month,

              but would need to keep in mind that parameters are static and would need to be manually updated when new data hits

          4. Looks pretty nice.


          Please see Sheet 6 of the attached in the Forum post.