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    How to handle if condition Error.

    rakesh jadhav

      Hi team,

      Please find the attachment  of twbx and word file .i do have if condition with [system type],

      but when i put  SUM([Paid Amount])/SUM([Fx Rate]) it gives error ,


      but if i put   [Paid Amount]/[Fx Rate] its run well.


      but i need sum of all  paid amount  / sum of all fx rate in Quarter wise.


      I need to resolve it didn't putting  [system type] in filter.

      I am looking for same as  If_cal output which is there in visualization  but i need that using following condition :


      if Condition with

      [System Type]='Partially Released' or [System Type]='Released'

      or [System Type]='Settled'



      SUM([Paid Amount])/SUM([Fx Rate])



      Please help how to handle that error.

      Advanced in Advanced


      Rakesh Jadhav